Fiesta Morsels

The members of the different committees and management under JACEMMS  involved in the organization of the coming fiesta are up and about in preparation for this big event.  This is a celebration of the Feast of San Sebastian and the municipality. Here are some tidbits geared up for the said event..........

- The church, specifically, Rev. Fr. Langgurayan directs the Fiesta 2008

- Governor Vic Tanco will be the guest in the parade and playground demonstration.

- Congressman Fredenil Castro and his wife will grace the Barangay Night.

- Vice Governor Felipe Barredo will be the guest for the LGU night with no less than Jalilo DelaTorre, Director of Bureau of Local Government, DOLE,  as guest speaker.

- The LGU night will be organized by the Tourism Council headed by Elsa R. Lambuson. The theme of the night would be mardi gras like or anything carribean or latin. This night will showcase the flair and grace of jamindangons for dancing and merrymaking. And everyone is invited to join and wear colorful and vibrant costumes and embellishment. This time, definitely MORE!! 

- There will be no disco for one night to give way to the Search for Ms. Jamindan. Candidates will represent the different sectors but instead of generating money by way of soliciting monetary funds to win, this will be the usual pageant that will highlight the beauty and wit of young ladies of Jamindan. 

Military camp lures tourists

CAMP Macario Peralta Jr., nestled in rolling and mountainous terrain inside a 33,310-hectare military reservation in Jamindan, is fast becoming a domestic tourist destination. A couple of years ago, Camp Peralta has slowly shed off its martial bearings and opened its door to civilians who wanted to commune with nature. The facility is home to the Philippine Army's 3rd Infantry Division. Thousands of civilians from Aklan, Capiz, Iloilo and Negros Occidental have already visited the camp and its lush greenery and forest, dotted with open spaces for recreation. They have spread the word that it is a ''must'' place to visit like any other tourist attractions in Panay. 

Wildlife sanctuary
Camp Peralta has been declared a wildlife sanctuary. Cutting and burning of trees and hunting of any kind are strictly prohibited. Somewhere in the wild are white spotted deer, turtles and birds of different species. A mountain resort called the ''Kalikasan Village'' has been carved out in one of the peaks, overlooking the vast reservation area. Cottages made of indigenous materials are available for overnight stay. An hour's trek downhill to the north of the reservation are the three-tiered natural waterfalls. Visitors can take a dip in the pools at the foot of the cascading falls. 

On top of a hill to the west is a grotto of the Virgin Mary. Down 240 steps from the grotto is a small promenade area where one can enjoy nature's breath-taking scenery. A hiking route around Kalikasan Village is provided by camp administrators. There are man-made ponds from streams along the mountainside, where hito (catfish) is cultured. 

Camp Macario also serves neighboring communities with its community chapel, hospital and sports facilities. The grounds close to the newly painted buildings are well-maintained and the roads are paved. 

Water from the taps comes from underground and open sources piped into a water purification facility. The camp also has an emergency power source. Communication facilities, like cable TV, telephone lines and cellular phones are linked to different cell sites in Panay. 

Over the years, military personnel have established cordial and harmonious relationship with the government officials and residents of   Jamindan. The 3rd Army Infantry Division has also been helping nearby communities to find better sources of livelihood. Corporate officials have been receptive to proposals to set up livelihood projects for the communities.